The sign of Sagittarius with a black starred background

You will start feeling happier– Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, December 4, 2020

Everything seems to work fine for the natives of Sagittarius: all the areas in your life will be balanced


You and your partner will enjoy great complicity and communication today, Sagittarius. Your feelings for your partner are usually very private but you will make them more obvious today.

Your sex drive will be somewhat irregular but your natural optimism will know how to deal with this situaion – especially if you don’t give it much importance and you don’t make a drama out of it.

Single Sagittarius, you will think very clearly today. Your instincts will be very sharp when playing love games. You can expect a romance which will be close to you.

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Your business or your projects at work will be very positive. Everything you’re working on is going on wonderfully. Your ideas are fantastic right now so you’d better note them down and take some action – now it’s the moment to take advantage of this lucky streak.

It’s also the right time to carry out the necessary changes in your job because everything will go very easily. All the new ideas you have which yuon believe can improve processes and results will work in your favour.

Those natives who run their own business have the Cosmos on their side. You can also count on the help of the partners and other third parties whenever you need it.


As for your health, you’ve changed a lot during this last year. Your image doesn’t match anymore the person you’ve become. You want to show yourself as you are so you will change your clothes, your hair, and also the way you treat others.

It’s also a good moment to detox your body. If you feel like you need a cleanse, then do it. This means that it’s a good moment to lose some weight if you want to.

Anything that means renovation and transformation will happen very easily and quickly these days. Don’t waste the opportunity the Universe is giving you because the energy of the Stars is flowing in your favour.

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