The Sagittarius sign surrounded by stars

Beware of ambiguous situations – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 30, 2021

You should try and see things clearly – don't let anybody trick you


Love will be today's protagonist, Sagittarius. However, Venus in Aquarius together with Mercury means that those natives who are in a relationship should pay attention to the ambiguous situations that could happen with someone else.

The transit of Venus in Aquarius opens the doors to some licentiousness so you'd better be aware of possible betrayals and infidelities. Even if they're just a thought, they're dangerous because they can come true at some point.

If you're single, you need to try to get closer to someone you like and might feel attracted to you. Mars in Taurus doesn't make you as magnetic and sensual as you can be, but the emotions in your heart are rising to the surface and can be easily appreciated now.

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Mercury in Aquarius supports those natives who work in the field of arts, commerce, and the sales of personal care products. It's time you start getting financial and professional benefits.

Before the end of the month, your professional issues can come to an end and those natives who work in liberal jobs will get interesting earnings.

However, if you've got an idea but you haven't carried it away yet, you'd better ask for the support of someone who knows how to help you materialize it.


Nothing can stop you today, Sagittarius. Your physical energy won't be excellent but you know that everything is going well. You can trust your physical strength to improve soon.

You will find positive events at the end of the month: some advantages, lucky strike, and even little events that will be useful for you to progress in both your professional and personal life.

The blockage in a bureaucratic situation will finally disappear and your physical and mental condition will improve. Your well-being is getting better and better every day and is about to get to its peak!

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