The sign of Sagittarius with a purple starred background

You may feel sad today – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, November 29, 2020

Things aren't going as you expected in the areas of love and health but you are positive and active at work


Sagittarius, make sure that the uncomfortable aspects and tension don’t affect your optimism, kindness, and confidence. Not being able to understand the other person could make them feel sad. However, you should try to stay calm.

Saturn in Sagittarius will promote rigidity. If you avoid it, you will have plenty of space to talk, understand your partner, and mediate with them. You will have to make an effort to separate the insatisfaction caused by your bond from the one caused by other external factors.

Mars in Libra will give you an erotic energy that you won’t reject. This will affect both Sagittarius who are single or taken.

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You will be able to work on your talents and improve your abilities. Mercury in your sign will boost communication, mental agility, and your ability with intrapersonal relationships.

You will easily deal with difficulty, setbacks, and delays in your career and professional objectives. Saturn in your sign will help you mature through experiences that contribute to your stability.

The Stars predict that you will meet your objective of achieving professional balance. This will help you defend and preserve your job.

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You may feel like staying up late tonight.  You will want to eat and drink more than usual, and you will be very active sexually. You will be mentally restless.

However, all this energy can also end abruptly. Maybe you will have a little digestive problem or you will make a movement that will leave you hurting for a couple of days.

If this happens, you will have to eat moderately in order to recover. Don’t overexert your body if you want to get better soon, Sagittarius.

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