Your love life has been better before – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, June 29, 2020

Your personal qualities will benefit both your career and your health as long as you're patient and don't take risks

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


Sagittarius, today’s prediction reveals that the presence of Venus will make it more difficult to give love and receive it. You may feel sad today and maybe you will have to deal with some difficulties.

On the other hand, your lack of self-esteem together with your social anxiety and your difficulties to establish healthy relationships will be your biggest problem today. You can’t continue lying to yourself.

Whether you are in a relationship or you’re single, you will look into your emotional life. Recently, you've had some behaviours that are clearly hurting your love life. You need to change these behaviours.

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Several planetary influences will give you the patience, commitment, and work ethic that you need. These characteristics will make it a perfect day to meet your goals. You’re ready to work hard and your attitude is the right one.

You will have opportunities to grow as a professional and get recognition. It’s a moment to rebuild, to work hard again, and to work on your long-term goals.

Progress might not be as fast as you would like it to be, but you know things will change eventually and you’re patient and tenacious enough to make it happen. Your personal qualities are the ones that will get you through any difficulty in your career.


The presence of Mars could create an accumulation of tension and a strong need for reaffirmation. Try to avoid impulsive actions and taking unnecessary risks in terms of health.

You need to get rid of all the anger and frustration you have inside by doing physical activity. You will tire your body and free your mind. Choose the activity that makes you feel better but doesn’t overexert your body.

Sagittarius, this moment isn’t more difficult than others you’ve been through. You can get over all the difficulties without a problem.