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Accept the help you receive without questioning it – Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, January 29, 2021

You need to learn two things: ask for help when you need it and accept the help you're offered


If you're in love, you will live a very special moment today, Sagittarius. You will rediscover the happiness of being in a relationship and some natives will even start thinking of growing the family!

The members of your family will be more prone to help you today if there's some difficulty. Let them help you if they offer it and don't believe that you can do everything by yourself. Ask for help whenever you need it!

If you're single, you could find yourself in a long-distance relationship. This will drain your energy quite a lot but it will be worth it for you. However, this love could be idealized and you might be projecting some expectations that aren't entirely realistic.

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You will push yourself to do more than you're doing at work. You need a change in your professional life otherwise, you will get bored with doing the same every day!

You will probably use your intuition and this will help you go a step ahead of the rest. Your sixth sense always nails it when it comes to making decisions! You go beyond what the rest can see.

However, you need to tell the difference between intuition and fears or beliefs. Now that you know this, nothing can stop you and every plan you make will work well.


You will be full of energy and you will make those around you feel great too. But be careful because sudden temperature changes could affect your health today!

You will be in a great mood and you will feel like joking around.  You're the usual extrovert Sagittarius everybody knows!

You can say it's a good day for your health, Sagittarius. You just need to take advantage of this energy rush to keep looking after yourself and continue sticking to your healthy habits!

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