Sagittarius Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You will benefit from your ability to express yourself – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Your career and your relationships will improve. Now you only need to look after your health


Today is a very good moment for those Sagittarius who want to enjoy intimacy and romance. Venus square will help you express your secret wishes without ties or inhibitions.

Mars going through Aries will make you more conscious of your feelings in detail and this will make you live passionate and romantic moments.

If you’re single, try to go out and have a lively social life. This will let your friends introduce you someone special that will get you interested immediately. Don’t live in the past; free yourself from these memories.

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The union between Jupiter and Saturn will offer interesting possibilities of change for those natives who still haven’t got a job or those who are trying to improve their current position.

You could get a promotion thanks to the good relationship you have will collaborators and workmates. Everybody will have kind words about your performance at work.

You will receive all the strength you need to carry out activities that can make you earn more money. This is one of the moments when you will have to make firm decisions and continue with your projects.

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As for your health, your body is asking for a break. You should rest a little bit because you’ve been really tired lately. You’re putting too much effort on the pursuit of your objectives and this is wearing you out.

Don’t ignore your body’s need for recovery; try to go to sleep early and don’t stay up until too late. You could end up suffering from insomnia and this can take a toll on your stress levels.

Sagittarius, accept change as a natural part of life. It’s a necessary process if you want to experience personal and spiritual evolution.