The Sagittarius sign

Your social and personal contacts will improve – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, December 28, 2020

You will experience a new beginning when it comes to your professional life and your personal relationships


Sagittarius, your personal and social contacts may be mysterious today. Maybe there are secret romances or very private romantic desires. Shyness can generate isolation or romantic frustration at some point.

You will analyse your dreams and your romantic and sexual unconscious desires. Maybe you will indulge in some fantasy that you can’t do when you’re conscious. Just try to keep a balance between your inner and outer world.

Actually, if you’re relaxed, you won’t have any problems when sharing your intimacy with your loved ones. You will be fully satisfied when it comes to your emotions and your spirit will get to the same level too.

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There will be a change in the area of work for you. You can expect new beginnings soon regarding your current job or career.

Your focus today will be your finances and the best way to make them grow. Your relationship with your colleagues and partners will become your focus of attention from this month on.

You should give more importance to the way you communicate with others. This will help you strengthen the integrity of your connections – especially the professional ones.


This is a good moment to analyse your real self, Sagittarius. Be honest with your face, your figure, your health, and try to change your look whenever you feel you need it.

Your real and intimate self needs to be painstakingly examined and you need to take action whenever you find something you can improve. You need to have a good relationship with yourself.

However, it’s not the best time to challenge the system. You need to avoid stress and negligence right now. Remember that it’s a great moment for introspective analysis with a greater degree of honesty and objectivity.

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