Sagittarius Friday on a night sky background

Don't turn into a control freak – Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, March 26, 2021

You need to understand that if you want to grow and let things flow in your life, you can't control everything


The presence of March in your house VII reveals that you feel the need to control your relationship, Sagittarius. However, you need to remember that the other person needs you to listen to them.

Luckily, the benevolent entrance of Juno in your house VIII means that you will become more committed to your partner. You will trust them more and you will accept more responsibilities.

The aspect of the planets is favourable if you want to go for a walk with your partner. You don't have to go very far from home in order to feel closer to your other half and your inner self.

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Your professional life won't be today's highlight for you. You're going through a phase of instability and you may feel like changing jobs, companies, or even moving to a different place.

Some natives will start working for a company based in a different country. They will see your worth and will pay better! You may not have the freedom to make decisions – others will make them for you – but you will feel highly rewarded.

Let yourself get carried away and accept the best deal for you. These opportunities aren't very common so think of all the benefits you may gain and see if this option matches your dream job.


You will have the chance to look after yourself better today. Have you thought about having a massage? Maybe there's a new beauty treatment you'd like to try. And how about the spa your friend recommended? This is the right time to meet your physical needs, Sagittarius.

Even if your workouts and your career are keeping you busy, remember that you should always schedule enough time to sleep at night and to relax during the day. Whether you want to meet some friends or read a good book at home, you need to unwind too.

Sharing is caring, and this will bring you plenty of happiness and energy. Remember to look after your social life regardless of the current circumstances. Bonding is necessary and you need to keep in touch with your loved ones.

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