It's time you start looking after yourself – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The influence of the planets in your sign will make you start looking after yourself seriously


Sagittarius, Mercury and the Sun will enter your 3rd house today where they will meet Jupiter, Saturn, and the asteroid Palas.

This accumulation of planets in your 3rd house will make it easy for you to exchange ideas, have a constructive dialogue, and pursue knowledge when interacting with new people from different environments

However, don't forget that Mercury – the planet of communication – is retrograde. This means that there could be some communication problems that may cause arguments with those around you. Be careful with your words.

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You will be cautious and avoid participating in rumours regarding colleagues or friends. Don't make comments in Internet forums, chats, or emails.

The movement of Mercury can cause problems with electronic equipment or appliances that need programming. That means that if you work in advertising or social networks, you should be careful and always keep duplicates not to lose information.

Mars in your 6th house square Jupiter in your 3rd house with Uranus in your 6th house and the sun in your 3rd house warns you about problems with new ideas. Remember that fear of change is a natural process and not everyone will agree.


Remember that Mercury retrograde can mean that you will be more susceptible to allergies, and respiratory and blood circulation problems.

But this retrogression also means that you can take advantage of it and pay more attention to your inner dialogue. Think about the future and the difference between reality and beliefs, and consider the benefits of participating in activities that help you improve.

It's time you take your evolution seriously, Sagittarius. Look after your body and emotions and take a quantum leap. You won't continue being the same!

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