The Sagittarius sign surrounded by stars

Your inner dialogue transforms – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, December 26, 2020

The way you will start treating yourself will have an immediate effect on your physical appearance


The asteroid Eros enters the 12th house of Sagittarius. This means that an old romance might be getting closer – or the attraction to someone from your past.

Saturn and Jupiter entering the 3rd house of Sagittarius is also an important happening. This configuration will favour the transformation of your inner dialogue. You will break with your own self-imposed limitations. You’ll visualize your future and use your current knowledge to help those around you.

The double Full Moon in Cancer will get to your 8th house. This will favour trust in your relationship thanks to empathy and the acceptance of your own weaknesses.

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The trine between the Sun in Sagittarius and Mars in your 5th house can be the push you needed to translate your ideas into a specific strategic plan. You will be able to see the results very soon!

Chiron will begin a direct movement towards your 5th house and you will be more confident when exposing your new ideas, creating new relationships, and expressing your talents.

However, remember that Uranus still retrocedes in your 6th house. This brings the need to transform the dynamic of interaction with your workmates and to check again the production and organization systems.


You will feel free to express yourself, Sagittarius! You will pursue your passions without too much commitment and you will always see the bright side of everything!

This will be a period of high energy for you so make sure you don’t overexert yourself. Find time to look after yourself and charge your batteries.

You still need to take care of your health. Even if you feel much better when it comes to your body and emotions, this doesn’t mean you can neglect your health. Your well-being is an important part of your health, don’t forget it!

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