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Your idea of love will change – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, January 25, 2021

The way you see and live your personal relationships is changing: you have a more mature approach now


Today's prediction reveals that the steroid Eros entering Sagittarius comes with the opportunity for you to explore sensuality and sexuality as a part of the process of self-discovery.

The presence of Chiron in your 5th House invites you to understand the concept of love and relationship more seriously. This will help you see your old experiences as lessons instead of punishments or mistakes.

That's why  single Sagittarius, you need to make decisions based on your experience  and what you've learned from it, not just pure physical attraction. Of course, this advice is only for those natives who want a serious and stable relationship.

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Today will be a very favourable day in terms of work and finances. Venus entering your 2nd House is an excellent transit to invest in your bank, art pieces, real estate, and other similar goods.

There's also a chance you may receive additional resources. You can expect a pay raise, a credit, or the possibility to pay off debt. Somehow, you will receive money.

Mars enters your 6th House and it will help you become the leader in a certain professional matter. This will help you boost productivity and defend other colleagues who are in a vulnerable position.


Mars in your 6th House promotes physical energy. However, today you shouldn't be too competitive when exercising, at home, or at work.

Uranus has started moving directly to the same position as Mars and this means your lifestyle will suffer extreme changes. This will be particularly true when it comes to your diet and breaking negative habits.

Venus in your 2nd House suggests that you could start giving more importance to your self-care.

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