Sagittarius Wednesday on a night sky background

You should improve your empathy – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Your personal and professional life have prepared some challenges for you and everything will depend on your ability to communicate


Today's prediction for Sagittarius reveals that the influence of the Stars will make you need more love than usual. However, you will also be lazy and a little bit selfish.

Some natives will be a bit sad or may have to go through some difficulties. Maybe you have social anxiety, difficulty expressing yourself, and low self-esteem which makes you shy.

If you've experienced any emotionally tense situation, the current movement of the Stars will enhance it. Paying special attention to your partner, family, or friends' mood will help you avoid emotional dramas.

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Saturn sextile will bring you the patience, ethics, and determination you need at work. These characteristics will add to your usual mature behaviour and will make this a perfect moment to meet your goals.

You could get promoted or at least, you could get some recognition. Your motivation makes you work harder than usual just because you want good results at work.

Authority figures in your career can put yourself to the test and also challenge your goals. This means that you will have to prove your skills and your value. However, be careful and don't be too submissive because this would only add more pressure.


Mars opposed to your sign may push others away from you if you're being too selfish or assertive. It may feel to you that they are an obstacle in your way and they oppose your wishes.

You can relieve some stress if you focus on your career or your workout routines today. However, be careful and don't overexert yourself because you may end up fatigued or injured. Mercury square will give you plenty of energy but this could trick you into believing that you don't need to rest when your body or mind is actually asking for it.

This hectic rhythm can make you feel a bit angry and could make you think too many things at the same time. Now that you know it, remember to take your time to think about things clearly and don't rush into any important decision today.

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