The Sagittarius sign with a purple background

You will be there for your loved ones – Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, December 24, 2020

No matter what other people tell you, you know what you need and will fight to get it


Sagittarius, today’s prediction reveals that love can enter the life of many natives. Maybe it will be at work or maybe through your friends.

You could be ready to open to others and this will help you find your perfect partner. Venus will make you feel better with yourself so that you will be charming to others too.

Now you need to be mature when it comes to your actions and your words if you want to find the right person with whom you will share your life. Maybe now you will see how your immaturity could make you pay a very high price in a relationship.

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You could be asked to wait for a while before you receive a pay raise or a promotion at work. Don’t let this frustrate you; you tend to be quite impatient and this can show in your words and actions.

Some natives could have the opportunity of meeting their future business partners when travelling by plane. A conversation with another passenger on a plane could even mean a potential growth of the business of certain natives.

However, you’d better travel solo if you have the chance. This way you will avoid spending money unnecessarily and taking risks.


Some natives will find out that they have high cholesterol levels. In any case, you need to check your diet and take a break from some food that might be harmful to your health.

You shouldn’t ignore the recommendations of your doctor or dietitian if you want to stay healthy. Of course, you will still use your common sense and make decisions based on your own experience.

Sagittarius, you will feel focused and optimistic in general. You’re becoming your usual self again and you’re back to your positive and creative essence. This is the consequence of an energetic cleanse you have barely been aware of!

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