Sagittarius Horoscope Monday 2020

Identify your emotions and welcome love into your life – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, August 24, 2020

Your working life will improve but the stress that comes with this change could affect your health at first


Single Sagittarius, the presence of Mars and Chiron retrograde in the house V of the sign can mean an ambivalent attitude regarding romantic reactions. You will be proactive but at the same time, you will fear rejection and old memories.

You need to take some time and sort out your feelings and emotions. Contact your inner child and relieve some of the weight you carry. Find out what you really want and need right now.

Venus entering your house VIII boosts eroticism, sexual play, deep conversations, and trust in romantic relationships.

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The Sun entering the house X will increase the probability of improving your situation at work these days: promotions, accepting positions of responsibility, or meeting potential mentors are just some examples.

Another astrological aspect you need to consider is Mercury opposing Neptune retrograde. This warns you about the risks of not keeping a proper balance between your home and professional life.

Don’t forget the importance of loyalty towards your dreams and your true friends. Don’t underestimate the power of working as a team.

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The current planetary influences make you be more susceptible to hormonal problems or illnesses connected to your nervous system. You will suffer some episodes of stress, anxiety, and joint pain.

Remember retrograde planets invite us to think about our own actions and behaviour depending on the area this movement happens.

Uranus from your house VI will help you pay extra attention to your health in general. You will be more aware of your symptoms and you could even rethink your daily routines. As a consequence, you will probably consider new long-term objectives and more immediate goals.

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