Sagittarius Tuesday on a night sky background

One of the best moments in your love life – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, February 23, 2021

You're the luckiest sign when it comes to the prediction of your love life


This will be a wonderful moment for the love life of Sagittarius. Mars in Cancer with aspect to Venus in your house V will favour the harmony and seduction for the natives of the sign. It will add some passion and creativity to your romantic adventures.

Mercury in Pisces in your house IV – the house of home life – will open the possibility to great and interesting talks that will help you improve the relationship and understanding with your family.

You will feel that your sex appeal is more powerful than usual  thanks to your communication abilities. You will be capable of communicating your feelings in an effective way and this will help you achieve everything you want in this area of your life.

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You will also be lucky when it comes to your financial activities. Investing in a business, in the stock market will be particularly positive today and will bring you significant earnings.

Sadly, Saturn in your house III will make it complicated to make new professional contacts. This will only be possible if it's an emergency.

However, you will have a fertile social life thanks to the position of Jupiter in Libra. This will expand your usual happy energy and this will help you in case you need to close important commercial deals.


You're very likely to make new friends that will add a lot to your life thanks to their originality. From them, you will learn a new philosophy of life.

Take advantage of this opportunity and make social connections. They will be very useful in the future and you will be able to create a network of mutual support that will become very beneficial for your emotional health.

There's nothing like knowing you can count on the people you love in order to feel safe and protected. We're living difficult times and your social life will be the most important pillar of your personal well-being.

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