The Sagittarius sign with a blue background

You will deal with conflicts from the past – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 22, 2020

You will finally feel like you can move on once you deal with hidden conflicts from the past


Today’s prediction for Sagittarius says that there might be some conflicts, disagreements, or arguments. Today you will probably find out that something has been bothering you.

Maybe you will decide to distance yourself from a certain person who has been affecting your relationship and wearing out your romantic life.

If you’re single, you will deal with some pending issues with someone who has become tiring – maybe because they haven’t committed as you have. You realize that some actions haven’t been positive and you may have some complaints about this.

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Those natives who work as manufacturers, artisans, or crafters will have a very positive evolution because this will be the field that will receive the most benefit.

If your job is creative, involves deals, or is related to exchanging goods and ideas, you have great chances of improving your position or even getting a promotion.

Anything related to bureaucracy, legality, or institutional processes will be successful today. That’s why you will consider your vision of the future and you will see many things you can start doing or activating.


It’s time you start using your intuition and your energy in order to evolve, Sagittarius. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t even affect you directly and are someone else’s business.

Focus on yourself and get rid of any limitations; activate your energy and work on this opening.

You will have a certain tendency to mourn too. There’s something you need to let go of so you need to think clearly. Give yourself some time and space to process things patiently.

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