Sagittarius Sunday on a sky background

There's a need for transformation – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, March 21, 2021

The moment has come for you to define your life and be in contact with your spiritual side


You will have many intense feelings with your partner, Sagittarius – even if you've had some difficulties lately. Only one gesture will be enough to create a perfect harmony between you two.

If you're in a peaceful relationship, the understanding between you two will be almost magical. This connection will be the foundation of a long-lasting and solid relationship.

However, those natives who have just started a romance will experience less deep emotions. But don't worry, the sensitive part of your soul will make you enjoy a very intense and special relationship.

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Sagittarius, have you considered a side hustle? Remember that you can do other activities apart from your job. You are a creative person and your communicative skills will help you in many situations.

No matter what your field of expertise is, your productivity and ability to adapt will be rewarded and your efforts will be worth it.

There's one more thing you need to know regarding your material life: you could receive unexpected earnings. Maybe there's an inheritance you didn't know about or some payment someone has to give you. Whatever it is, you will be happy to get extra money.


There isn't any threat for your health, Sagittarius. Your body will respond well and you hadn't been in such a good mood for ages.

The current influence of the Stars will make you even more aware of your spirituality and your self-awareness. You will stay away from certain situations and superficial people that don't fulfill you or what your soul craves for.

You need to leave behind anything that limits your evolution. You need to be ready for an important inner transformation you are about to experience.

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