Sagittarius Horoscope Tuesday 2020

It will be a complicated day in many aspects – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, October 20, 2020

If you pay enough attention and you’re able to detect conflict, you will be able to solve problems as they happen


The natives of Sagittarius could feel somehow disconnected today. You’re afraid of opening yourself and you don’t really feel like physically approaching anybody – nor even your partner. You could also experience jealousy today.

You’d better not give in to mutual distrust or you may end up engaging in a vicious circle of reproaching that won’t be easy to stop.

The fight between light and darkness will end soon and Sagittarius will finally be able to become more communicative, caring, and closer to their loved ones. It will be then when you will give in to Cupid’s plans but since then, you will lock yourself in your inner world.

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There’s a specific possibility of having a promotion at work. You could gain power and prestige and your position could be secured.

However, success might be secure but the difference of opinions with your superiors, partners, or certain workmates could slow down the activities of Sagittarius. If you pay enough attention and you’re able to detect conflict, you will be able to solve problems as they happen.

But if you believe that everything is wonderful and there isn’t any obstacle to overcome, these conflicts will end up tainting your relationships at work. Be careful with your authoritarian tendencies because they could affect your relationship with your workmates.

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The best you can do today will be resting. Your body has had enough, Sagittarius. The personal conflicts and your demanding day at work have left you without defences so you are at risk of falling ill.

If you want to avoid this situation, you could take the day off. If you can’t, you should choose to  switch off once you get home and find somewhere peaceful where you can relax and unwind without anybody disturbing you.

You need to keep your energy because you still have some obstacles to fight and you don’t want to make the wrong decisions out of weariness.

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