The sign of Sagittarius in half a purple circle

You can enjoy very positive moments – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, January 20, 2021

You will be very lucky in love but not so much in other areas in your life; just try to be careful instead of overconfident


Venus in your sign promises fantastic moments for you and your partner, Sagittarius, especially if you've just started living together. Everything will go wonderfully if you're in love!

The natives of Sagittarius will live a very quiet family moment. You've got over complicated circumstances and now you enjoy the calm that comes after the storm.

If you're single and looking for love, don't be too demanding but don't settle for the first person you meet either. Someone will be attracted to you very soon.

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The Stars don't favour your area of business and work right now, Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde these days could mean that you will have certain difficulties in these two areas of your life.

That's why you will have to be very careful and cautious when managing your finances. As for your work, make sure that you will receive a reward for all the effort you're making now.

Actually, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn mean that anything you've started building will bave solid foundations and will become positive. You need to stay calm and focus on the future.


You may have muscular, bone, or joint problems today.  Do exactly what your doctor told you and try your best to recover soon.

You might feel a bit unstable. You will feel positive some moments and negative some others. Maybe this confusion is invading your life right now.

The best thing you can do to be balanced is spending some time alone to sort out your thoughts and your feelings. It will be a good time to identify what you want to do with your life. Once you have an answer, make a plan that keeps you focused and motivated.

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