Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday

Don't be so demanding with yourself – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, May 2, 2021

Being too demanding with yourself can become an obstacle in your life

❤️ Love

Sagittarius, your house VII will be under the influence of Venus, the Sun, and Mercury during the whole month of May. These Stars will help you enjoy more your personal relationships and you will see everything from a sincere and loving point of view.

Now that you know that, you should try harder to make those around you happier – whether it's your family or romantic interests. Think about what you need and what others need and try to find a common ground.

Adapt to the needs and feelings of others and don't think only about yourself. Don't forget that this is the first step towards empathy – and the single natives will have to work on this aspect of their personality.

💰 Money

Sagittarius, try to work on your personal abilities a little bit more and optimize them in order to make the most of your career and your finances.

Try to create a communicative and productive environment at work because it's the best way to get the best results. A successful team is a success for you too.

If you're a freelancer, you will be absorbed by your job and this could make you sacrifice your own fee time in order to achieve your goals.

👩‍⚕️ Health

You will have to analyze the way you're looking after your health, Sagittarius. Try to live a healthier life and change some of your habits if necessary.

Your horoscope predicts that you won't suffer from any important health problem for the moment. This means that you can leave your concerns behind when it comes to this area of your life.

Last but not least, remember that you deserve a reward after suppressing all these cravings for so long. You may have been too tough on yourself lately and now you deserve to indulge a little bit.

👍 Tip of the day

Being too demanding with yourself could prevent you from doing the things you want

🍀 Lucky numbers

The lucky numbers for this Sunday, 2 May 2021 are: 2, 13 and 56.

🤝 Compatibilities

The best compatibilities for Sagittarius for this Sunday, 2 May 2021 are:

Aries and Virgo in Love

Virgo and Aquarius in Friendship

Leo and Aquarius at Work

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