The Sagittarius sign with a blue background

Let your heart make every decision today – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Your mind could trick you into believing ideas that could have a negative effect in your life


Sagittarius, having a peaceful conversation with your partner can become a challenge today – especially if you listen to your mind and the many fake reasons it will make you believe. You'd better use your heart, Sagittarius. Listen to it when it shows you the way to sweetness.

Try to be yourself and you will find the path that leads you to satisfy your romantic needs. Maybe you should just ignore your rational thinking today. This may make you try unexplored paths but it will be worth it.

Today is a day full of excellent opportunities to find love. Your heart needs to feel deep sensations, romance, and sincere stories of passion.

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Mercury in your sign can give you the opportunity to consider seriously the steps you need to follow at work

Only thanks to thinking carefully will you understand the best investment for your professional future. Do you want to continue leading an unsatisfactory life full of obligations? Or maybe you want to change things once and for all?

You know what your dream is, Sagittarius, but you should take some time and do things carefully. The Stars aren't against you but you have received more support from them on other occasions. The situation is a bit ambiguous right now.


You shouldn't expect anything serious to happen but your energy levels could drop severely today. As a consequence, you could have problems dealing with your day-to-day. That's why you need to look after yourself and rest a little bit today. Don't make extra efforts.

Take your time to recover your energy levels. Mars will stay in your house VI and this can help you recover quickly.

You're not a machine, Sagittarius. You do have to pay attention to the needs of your body and today, it's asking you to slow down and relax.

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