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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Sagittarius, don't be misled by seductive words


Sagittarius, the stars warn you that today your mind could play tricks on you. The planets could make you have ideas of mistrust and jealousy. This could cause you some discomfort.

Your Horoscope places you on a particularly complicated day on an emotional level. You'll possibly have to fight against your own ghosts.

Try not to see beyond what your eyes can see. Don't be carried away by the sensations and emotions which you may have today.

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The Daily Horoscope warns you of a possible scam, Sagittarius. Be careful with the proposals you receive in the area of finances. The stars announce that you could be approached in order to swindle you.

To avoid risks, try not to make any decisions in this area today. Don't fall for tempting words or miraculous deals.


Sagittarius, you could restore peace and calm in your work environment. It may be a day of conflict and you may have to mediate to resolve these problems. Your empathetic and generous nature will win you the affection of those around you. 

You have the makings of a leader and your colleagues respect your opinion. They value you so they'll listen to your voice. Your opinions and arguments will be taken into account.

Use this positive influence you have in the workplace today. If there's an argument, you'll help those involved make sense of the situation. You could put out a fire or two.


Sagittarius, today will be a reflective and introspective day. According to your Horoscope, you'll realise how much you've learned.

Every single experience you've had has taught you a valuable lesson. Both good and bad situations have brought you this far. You can even say that some of your past setbacks have made you stronger.