Sagittarius Friday on a sky background

Good energy in the area of love – Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, February 19, 2021

Your luckiest area in life will be love so find the support you need in it and enjoy every moment of it


Are you a single Sagittarius? Well, by the end of the day your current status might change from single to taken! Today, many natives will find plenty of opportunities to connect with the love they've been waiting for!

Cupid is by your side and will get you closer to people who want to share without feeling oppressed. Today is the day when many Sagittarius will begin a romantic adventure.

Similarly,  those natives who are in a steady relationship will feel they have gained a greater understandingof their partners. The biggest challenge you will have to deal with today is understanding your elders.

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Are you a freelancer or a salesperson? Then today will be your lucky day.  You will have the support of the Stars in order to close successful deals in any business you start.

If you're working for someone else, you won't be that lucky, Sagittarius. If you expected some recognition for your effort, you will have to control your motivation levels and wait for a better occasion.

You don't have to deprive yourself of the things you like but you should definitely be careful with your expenses. This way, your material life will remain stable for longer. If you wanted to invest some money, you'd better leave it and wait for better times to come.


You'd better avoid excesses today, Sagittarius. Eat and drink with moderation and find a balance between the amount of activity and rest you have today.

You know that the liver is your most vulnerable organ so you should look after it by eating a healthy diet and resting well at night. Otherwise, you could feel some discomfort very soon.

Also, remember that your liver is connected to rage. You should try not to repress your anger nor let it escape without control. Try to understand the reasons why you might be angry and find a healthy way to channel this feeling. This way, your liver won't suffer the consequences of your emotions.

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