Sagittarius Thursday on a sky background

Don't be too impatient today – Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, February 18, 2021

This is a moment when you will have to be very careful and patient in many aspects of your life


Some Sagittarius will think a lot about an ex-lover. Are you even trying to find a way to get this person back in your life? If you are already in a new relationship, trying to connect with someone from the past could really damage your current relationship.

If you and your partner have been discussing a certain topic without agreeing, you will finally be lucky today.

However, if this is your situation, you should be extremely careful with the way you express yourself and do things. You could be too impatient when trying to improve things and this may cause you to commit a mistake.

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The energy of the Stars is ruled by Saturn square Uranus in transit in your house of work. As a result, you could go through surprising changes that could have a negative effect on your earnings.

Some natives will find out that their timetable is being reduced or that they will be made redundant.

However,  the energy of Saturn and Uranus as well as the transit of Mars in your house of work will help you get moving and stand out thanks to a special talent of yours. You will be able to go back on track soon – or at least to recover partially.


You could suffer from sudden health problems, unexpected expenses, or even a delay in the paperwork regarding medical issues. Obviously, you will be concerned about it.

You might become more melancholic and introverted. If you feel like this, take it easy and spend time looking after yourself and your soul. Some situations of the past might be affecting your emotions and you need to deal with them.

Work on yourself otherwise, you could be compromising your immunity. Be tolerant with everyone around you and be forgiving with them and yourself too – it will make you feel better.

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