Sagittarius Horoscope Saturday 2020

You want to believe in love again – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, October 17, 2020

You will feel like enjoying your sex life with your partner and living a fantasy free from prejudices


The natives of Sagittarius will start looking for new challenges in their love life. They will have the feeling that routine has taken over their emotional world and if they don’t recover the passion and enthusiasm, nothing will stop them from ending a tiresome relationship.

If you’re finally able to overcome your differences and create different conditions, you both will be able to enjoy each other’s company as you did on the first day. Venus in Sagittarius will offer you new romances and reconciliation.

The natives will feel like enjoying their sex life with their partner and living a fantasy free from prejudices. Your lover will have to share your same expectations, though. Otherwise, the differences that may arise could be difficult to solve.

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You’d better avoid signing contracts today. You should also avoid investing or acting as a guarantor for someone else’s purchase. Mercury is in the wrong position for such activities and it could make you commit mistakes.

You should maintain a balance. You will feel energetic and willing to plan great projects. This excess optimism will be balanced out with enough caution and common sense.

If you’re overconfident you could make the wrong decisions today. You should try to stay humble and focused at all times.

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You could suffer a drop in blood pressure today. This hadn’t happened to you for a long time and you believe it will be connected to stress or a poor diet.

If the symptom continues, you may want to have a blood test done in order to rule out a possible anaemia or other mineral deficiencies in your body.

Just as prevention, why don’t you start being more careful with the food you eat? Stop eating ready-made meals – they’re loaded with sugar and tend to have many preservatives and chemical scents and flavourings.