Sagittarius Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Unecessary things go away in the end – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The current energy flow is leading you to progress and it benefits all the areas in your life


Many Sagittarius will doubt their relationship during the presence of Venus retrograde in their 7th house. However, the positive thing is that in many cases there's the possibility of healthy relationships to be restored.

If you've broken up with your partner, this could be a good moment to give an other opportunity to your relationship. Of course, this will only be a good idea as long as it makes sense to you and you still have true feelings for that person.

If you're single or just started seeing someone, this could be the moment to upgrade your relationship. Pay attention to anything that could happen today!

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Jupiter transiting your 10th house will improve your professional status, your social value, and your achievements through promotion or public recognition.

You may not see the benefits of this transit immediately, Sagittarius, but the positive results are there! Maybe you get a promotion or you can start a new career.

This transit is also positive for freelancers. You will find better ways to make more money or get new clients. If you create content to help others, your platform is becoming more popular than ever. Other people want to associate with your name, website, project, brand...etc. 

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As for your health, this is an area of transformation. The influence of the planets suggest you change as an individual and start seeing life with a completely new energy. The Moon in this house will bring out your old traumatic events.

All the problems you had buried deep inside of you will see the light and need to be dealt with. This transformation could be the death of your old self and the rebirth of someone new – which is something necessary.

You're living past experience and you are aware of the repressed traumatic happenings. You will purge your emotional excess. Just like the Phoenix, you need to reborn from the ashes and change your inner self to a fundamental level.

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