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Daily Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Sagittarius, use your free time to stay sharp


Sagittarius, your Horoscope encourages you to pick up the phone. Sometimes we grow apart from our loved ones.

But distance doesn't mean that we stopped thinking about them.

Don't think twice and text or call them – just contact them again no matter how. 

You know you miss each other! Get back in touch and enjoy the mutual affection!


The Daily Horoscope recommends you spend wisely, Sagittarius. Even if you see that you still have money left, you shouldn't get carried away with purchases.

There could be some unexpected charges during the last weeks of the month.

There are certain impulses which you need to learn how to control. You know they could take their toll on your economy. Managing your finances is a great skill to nourish.


Sagittarius, the Daily Horoscope warns you of a bad atmosphere at work today.

Your superiors may not be in a good mood or there may be a minor argument between colleagues.

Maybe you should try not to be too nosy. Luckily, that's how you'll avoid being blamed unfairly.

Just keep a low profile and stay in the background. This will be enough to avoid adding fuel to the fire.


Sagittarius, how is your memory lately? Your Daily Horoscope advises you to take up a hobby which will help you to exercise your brain.

Sudoku or crossword puzzles are known for being a good workout for the mind. They help you stay sharp while you're just having a good time.

Maybe you can play with someone else too and make it a social event. Call some friends and have a competition to see who can finish first.

If you prefer to be alone today, you can always challenge yourself.

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