Sagittarius Horoscope Friday 2020

Your love life will be very busy – Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, July 17, 2020

You will have to deal with the circumstances in your workplace and take action in order to change things


You will have it easier to make love-related choices today, Sagittarius. You only need to know exactly what is that you want. If what you’re looking for is just a brief story, the Stars have been favouring you since April.

If you want to recover your relationship, the Stars will favour you today. However, it will only work for those Sagittarius whose relationship can still be saved; if the other person doesn’t want to know anything about you then there’s nothing to do. On the other hand, if you’ve had an issue with an ex due to financial issues, you will get to an agreement today.

You’re alright with the new stories you have started and you need to remember that you are the one who decides. Making simple adventures out of these romances is completely up to you. You will definitely receive some proposals because you’ve caught the attention of many – even of those who you’re not interested in.

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You don’t feel that confident when it comes to your career and your finances. This can limit your current evolution. Collaborating with someone else can be interesting but there’s no guarantee that things will improve.

Even if you’re your own boss or you’re the manager in your section, you may have had to find new allies and new options in order to avoid inconveniences. If you’ve had difficulties at work you need to express your doubts.

If you don’t experience great news, trying to change your attitude will help you find the source of the problem. You need to dissipate your fears and you’re lucky you’re a naturally brave person. Mars will be there to help you with its influence.


As for your health, you need to know that your sign is receiving many energetic movements this July – and today in particular. This means that today is a very good day to begin new medical, aesthetic, or purifying treatments.

The wish to change will lead you to opt for a new, modern, and younger look. You only need a new haircut or something similar that lets you see a new image in the mirror. You want to look better.

All these changes you want to experience on your physical appearance should go together with a real inner change in order to make the most of this transition.