Sagittarius Wednesday on a sky background

Be extremely careful at work – Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, February 17, 2021

You'd better be prepared for the obstacles you can find in your professional and love life today


The Stars aren't on your favour when it comes to your love life, Sagittarius. Things will be either black or white. You won't be able to avoid such extremes and this could make you feel a bit disappointed sometimes.

However,  you'll be able to find love again if you get rid of strange and harmful influences in your life. Your soul mate won't accept the excuses you will give them today so it won't be the best day for reconciliation.

You'd better contain your extreme emotions today otherwise, your life will turn into chaos! Find balance and harmony in your love life and let this negative energetic moment pass.

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You should be extra careful at work today – especially if you're considering investing your savings in a business that isn't exactly clear. You may be taking great risks and your economy can be deeply damaged.

If you aren't the only one making decisions, you will manage to convince others of your ideas even if they usually tend to ignore them. Work on your goals and don't let any negative comments bring you down, Sagittarius.

Fight to carry out your projects and don't let the lack of enthusiasm and motivation stop you. Apathy will only slow down your progress. Your ideas are good but you need to define your objectives.


The nerves and anxiety you're feeling could cause you digestive issues. You desperately need a change in your habits, Sagittarius. Go for a walk and you will immediately feel the benefits: you will gain flexibility and better reflexes. Don't stay at home today!

You may feel nostalgic today and this can affect your will to begin new activities. Don't worry, the only thing you need right now is some time with your friends. Talk to them and you will abandon this depressive state very soon. They know how to make you smile again!

You need to listen to your body today because you're at risk of having muscle contractures and headaches caused by a lack of rest. Make sure you can read your body's signals and you take a break when you need it.