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You will live a very intense romance – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 16, 2021

Someone of your sign will cross paths with you and turn your world upside down


Finding a Virgo will bring peace to your heart and both of you will be able to enjoy wonderful moments of intimacy, Sagittarius. However, if you meet someone of your own sign, you will be automatically attracted to each other and you won't let this person escape.

Your patience will be put to the test because you won't say yes easily. Don't worry, you will end up gaining their heart and there won't be enough words to express the romance you will live together.

If you're in a relationship already, you should try to feel less anxious. You need to trust that you can recognise love when you see it. Don't try to chase a mirage that could ruin your current relationship.

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You have possibilities for growth in your career. A friend is willing to support your project so listen to their opinion and you won't regret it.

If you have some doubts, ask someone with more experience before making any decision. This way, your association will be favourable. However, you should try to set clear boundaries because that other person will want to take control of everything.

Someone who is very open and with a great magnetism will help you change your day-to-day routine and go back to your usual happy self at work. However, you will also experience certain family issues that will affect this harmony you had achieved.


You feel strong and full of energy today: active, athletic, cheerful, and enthusiastic. Sagittarius, your stamina is always high and your heart can work without limits! You can say your health is as strong as to deal with anything today!

However, this adventurous spirit of yours can put your hips, legs, and nerves at risk. And today, your eyes can also be a bit weak.

Since you know how much energy you have, you are too demanding with yourself sometimes. Unless someone or something stops you, you will go on and on. You're very confident and sometimes this can lead to exaggeration. You could go on until you're exhausted – and you will unless you realise that you're running out of energy!

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