Sagittarius Tuesday on a sky background

You're looking for something you fear – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, February 16, 2021

It might sound like a contradiction but you're afraid of finding what you're looking for – this makes it difficult for you to decide


The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius won't leave them time to rest today. You're always looking for new sensations and you will easily leave your partner if you believe they don't meet your expectations.

You want to feel attracted to someone before starting a new romance. However, why do you feel unsatisfied despite the success in your love life? Sagittarius, the truth is that you're looking for something deeper but you're afraid you might find it.

Deep inside, you wish to share a common life project with someone who understands the true nature of your spirit.

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You're going on the right track in your professional life. Your experience is appreciated by your superiors and they will give you greater responsibilities.

However, you might feel overwhelmed even if you're full of energy. You will have to carry all this weight all by yourself and sometimes it will be more than you can deal with.

Find some help, Sagittarius. Your talent and skills aren't enough this time. Those around you in your working environment are willing to help  because they can see your abilities and solidarity when someone else is going through some difficulties. Your personal qualities will be crucial for the team to work properly.


Your constant physical activity seems to have no limits. Control your schedule and make sure you have a balance between work and rest. If you're too anxious you might end up having problems sleeping.

You should try to get more organized and make the most of your energy. Go for a walk outdoors and you will find an answer to your mental fatigue. Also, you should spend more time with your loved ones and avoid those who annoy you.

Otherwise, you will only receive negative energy from those who have the ability to get on your nerves. Don't let them ruin your day!

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