Sagittarius Monday on a sky background

The Stars have a positive prediction for your love life – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, February 15, 2021

You're lucky today because you will be one of the few signs with a positive prediction in the area of love


Sagittarius, Venus will continue in your V house – which is the area of love, joy, pleasure, and all the positive feelings that come from the heart. This means that things will go as well as they have been going up to the moment.

You can expect communication with your partner to go well and you will enjoy active sex life. You will be able to experiment with your most daring fantasies, intimate moments full of fun, and a proud seductive attitude.

This will favour those natives who are looking for a romantic adventure. Everything is in your favour today but you shouldn't expect great emotions: whatever you find today will be intense but won't last for long.

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Your business might not be as positive as your love life, Sagittarius. Your reality will be slower than your wishes. Be patient and don't commit the mistake of being too impulsive. You can't hurry results.

On the other hand,  if you work in the field of study or communication, you will be lucky. The ruling planets in your sign are currently favouring these fields.

If you partner with someone else, you will have the favour of the Stars. The same goes for those who are studying or working as teachers or in academic jobs.


As for your health, your body will respond positively today. You will be flexible and clearheaded but this won't prevent you from experiencing mental exhaustion due to your stress levels. You will have many things to think about today!

This could lead to you being hypertense and more likely to suffer from mild domestic accidents if you're not careful enough.

Sagittarius, if you're not careful, you could even get injured if you're planning on doing some sport today. There's one thing you can do in order to keep calm today: rest well and look after your liver.

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