The Sagittarius sign

Get ready for new opportunities in love – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, December 14, 2020

Your personal and professional life will be full of new opportunities and your health will be great, what a wonderful day!


The Sun has been in your first house since last month, Sagittarius. This means that your physical appearance will shine. You look beautiful and have a stellar sex appeal that others will notice immediately.

Your love planet entered your sign on the eleventh of this month and will be there until the end – which is a very positive signal for your love life. You will have more opportunities for romance. Love is looking for you and you will have an imposing presence!

The most beautiful thing here is that you and your partner have very different views about things and you’re very different people. However, you’re still in love together and you put the other first all the time. You may not agree every time, but you love each other and always collaborate.

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Finances are very positive right now – especially when the Sun enters your house of money and you reach a financial peak.

You have enough resources to be pleased. You will also receive professional opportunities that enhance your material comfort.

This month you will appear as a successful person – at least other people see you like this. This means that you’re projecting an image of prosperity and when you project something, the Universe gives it to you.


Your health is good in general but it can improve until the 16th of this month through spiritual means: meditation, spiritual healing methods, imposition of hands, Reiki, and other subtle energies.

You can also detox these days. Pay special attention to your liver and your lymphatic system. You will pay more attention to aesthetics than health today.

Remember that being healthy equals looking good. Your health and energy levels are pretty good regardless of the recent eclipses. If you’ve undergone a surgical intervention or you’ve suffered an injury recently, your ability to recover will be great.

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