The sign of Sagittarius with a black starred background

You'll become very popular – Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, March 12, 2021

Make good use of this brief period of popularity the Stars have given you and don't just use it to serve your ego


Sagittarius will be very popular among their loved ones thanks to the influence of Mercury. It will help you be empathic and happy to help others find their way when they're going through a bad situation.

However, seeing that many people trust you could make you feel prone to manipulate them for your benefit. Don't fall for this, Sagittarius, because you know it will only cause you to feel bad – it's not worth the risk.

This planetary movement offers a unique opportunity for single Sagittarius to be honest about what they expect on their first date. This will prevent you from wasting time with silly games.

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Sagittarius, are you looking for a job? You could find a part-time job opportunity today. It will be similar to the job you used to do or at least in the same field.

Don't forget those who used to work with you in the past. Someone who believes in you and enjoys working with you has an idea that could make you work together again.

Don't panic, Sagittarius. The current circumstances seem a bit unstable right now but setting up a business isn't such a bad idea and you could become successful. Believe in the opportunities life gives you.


You will feel emotionally stable and with the feeling that you know what you want in life.

Your inner fire will burn stronger than usual and you will share your positivity with those around you. March is a great month to work on activities that feel like a balm for your soul. Some natives enjoy art, some others enjoy sports – whatever your passion is, spend more time doing it!

Your ability to absorb information will start increasing and soon you'll become a walking encyclopedia!

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