Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

It will be a good day for a date – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, July 12, 2020

It will be a great day to find the motivation you need in order to have great expectations for the future


Your prediction for love reveals that Venus, direct in your seventh sector of love, should make you live some unforgettable moments.

If you’re in a relationship, you should start planning your next destination together. Go somewhere together while Venus fills your romance with light.

If you’re a single Sagittarius, you must go after that person who is always in your mind. This person is an air sign and you know that fire and air is a combination that makes everything vibrate with lots of passion.

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You will be very efficient at work today. However, be very careful and don’t tell any lies if you – or some of your workmates – have committed a mistake. Otherwise, an old conflict could come back to your life.

This month you may have some financial struggles. Your earnings won’t be what you expected so you will have to deal with some moments of uncertainty.

You’d better stay away from risky investments. The only way you can get benefit is by partnering with people who have experience in this type of business and know how to minimise risk.

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As for your health, you might suffer from mouth sores today. They won’t stop you from having a normal day at all. You will be able to carry out any activity you had planned but they will definitely make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Apart from this little nuisance, it will be a fantastic day to workout – always within your possibilities. Have you gradually stopped doing some sport you used to enjoy? Well, it’s time you start practising it seriously again!

It will be a great day to find the motivation you need in order to have great expectations for the future. Write down a list of dreams you want to accomplish and focus on them.