You want to define things and make them clear – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, January 12, 2021

You want to start listening to your practical side without neglecting your spirituality


Venus in your sign will guarantee seduction, charm, optimism, enjoyment, and loving relationships that will bring you lots of energy. Sagittarius, this is te moment you've always wanted in your life!

Thanks to the influence of Saturn that will urge you to make everything clear,  you will feel the need to consolidate the romance that has just started. You are fed up with sporadic adventures.

You're very likely to feel in contact with your humanitarian and spiritual side. Remember that Mars still makes you look back in the past in order to explore confusing areas of yourself.

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The Sun in Capricorn and Mercury could generate changes and lack of stability at work. You will try to explore a more practical perspective when dealing with problems, designing proposals, and making reports.

You need to be realistic when thinking about your situation at work. However, your situation will start improving!

Venus favours any job related to the artistic, aesthetic, or legal field. In any case, you need to focus on the future today.


Your good mood will keep illnesses and pains away, Sagittarius. However, you still need to look after your most vulnerable points: the liver and other organs connected to it.

If you want to avoid problems, don't commit excesses when eating. Also, make sure you listen to your body at any given time: you will receive the necessary signals if there's some issue you need to address.

Try not to eat too many sweets or drink much alcohol these days. Those Sagittarius with a sweet tooth will have a stronger tendency to give in to temptation these days – especially if you're planning some days out.

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