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You will experience ambivalence in love – Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, December 12, 2020

You can adapt better and make the most of all the experiences in life if you are more flexible


Sagittarius, the prediction for today reveals that the influence of Mars will boost both passion and jealousy in couples. This ambivalence won’t bring you complications as long as you’re able to deal with it with assertiveness and empathy.

That’s why you’d better try to find a balance in your relationship by leaving more room for dialogue and exchange of opinions. Try to avoid pointless arguments or confrontations.

Those who are single will have good news: love is around the corner! It will be completely unexpected so the situation will become even more exciting for you.

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You will be asked to produce at work, so you will choose to work hard in order to build the structure that will support you tomorrow. This doesn’t mean that you will work non-stop. On the contrary, you will find a way to become more productive with less effort.

Those who are looking for a job will have to be more flexible and also apply for part-time jobs. You will prioritize more income right now – and an open door to a better situation – and the best opportunities will come later.

Those who are self-employed could take some time to learn about the best way of investing their resources. Every decision counts so you must become more strategic and visionary than ever.


You could feel somehow stressed and tired because of certain disappointments. Try to spend more time on yourself because your body will tell the difference.

You still suffer from a little health issue right now. But don’t panic, you’re about to receive good news so don’t give these symptoms too much importance.

You’re quite restless today so try to relax a little bit before you do something you might regret. Your mind will appreciate some minutes to switch off and unwind. You can listen to music, do sports, or any other activity that makes negative thoughts go away.

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