Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

You will be more contacts today – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Sun in your 11th house will benefit your social life and your health but your career will need your attention this time


The Sun warms your eleventh house with its energy, Sagittarius. This will bring a lot of social opportunities and probably many social network contacts too.

You will probably receive invitations to events – both live and online – and this can be a great chance to create new contacts, meet new friends, and even become part of an organization.

It’s a good moment to go out and connect with others – as long as the circumstances let you, of course. You will create key relationships during these days and you could also see old connections from the past coming back to you.

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The prediction of the Stars is not that good when it comes to your professional life, Sagittarius. You will work for many hours and you won’t earn what you expected after so much effort. Actually, you might feel a bit disappointed.

What’s more, there is a possibility you tend to ruin the relationship with your colleagues. You need to avoid it by changing your behaviour whenever you can. Also, try to anticipate any conflict.

There could be a meeting against you at work so try to dissipate any tension before this even happens.

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As for your health, the eleventh house is also the house of your biggest dreams. Not the dreams you have at night, but the dreams you dream about your future. When the Sun is in this sector of your natal chart, it’s known as your time of Power and now this time has come.

Write your dreams – the things that you desire – and say them out loud. The most important thing here is trying to get the feeling you would have if they had already come true. You can manifest your wishes with something as simple as this exercise and you would be helping your unconscious to create this reality.

Remember that wherever your attention and energy goes, this is what grows. No matter if it’s negative of positive, so you really should try to focus on the possibilities you have and not the obstacles.

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