The Sagittarius sign with a purple background

Externalizing your thoughts should be today's priority – Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, March 11, 2021

There's no way those around you can know what you want if you don't express yourself – stop avoiding confrontation


Sagittarius, your priority these days should be developing your language and communicative abilities. Your ruling planet Jupiter is with Saturn in your house of relationships.

This means that contact, curiosity, and learning will be enhancing your personal connections and the way you express yourself. Externalizing your feelings will be crucial in order to create long-lasting bonds.

Single Sagittarius, you should make an effort and try to verbalize your wishes. People around you tend to misunderstand you very often.

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Your workspace could change in some way. Maybe you will change your position, or you will adopt a completely new perspective, or new and unusual workmates will join your company.

You may start working with those who are in need. Maybe you will collaborate with a charity or with an eco-business, or some other alternative type of company that can add to your career.

You might choose to trust a technical organization system or enjoy a common workspace in an office. Whatever happens, you can expect change and innovation at work.


You want to challenge the way you balance your health, lifestyle, and job. This means that you will implement changes in your general well-being or the way you organize yourself, your generosity, and the time you devote to relationships.

Your vision of well-being might be a bit unconventional, Sagittarius. Make sure you revise the way you address your daily choices and the attention you pay to your loved ones.

You need to understand the difference between the social connections you're creating and the innovation in your own habits or behaviours. Remember that everything can coexist in perfect harmony and nothing needs to be excluded.

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