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If you want better results you will control your temper – Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, January 11, 2021

Your temper could cause you trouble both in your personal and professional life so make sure you control it


Sagittarius, your day will be a bit difficult today in regards of your love life. You need to tame your temper a little bit this year; otherwise, you will start having conflicts with your partner again.

It's true that some conflicts can make the relationship stronger but controlling your temper is a way of lessening the damage. This prediction is true for those who are married, in a steady relationship, or just dating someone. The recommendation is: if there's a problem you need to address, discuss it with solid arguments and not just instinctively and aggressively.

If you're single you will be in search of meaningful and deep relationships. You want to connect intimately. Most single Sagittarius will finally know love for the first time – an honest and sincere love.

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There are many unexpected expenses in your horizon but there's also a possibility that you will compensate them with unexpected earnings. Actually, there's a strong tendency to save money.

If you're looking for financial independendence and you're planning on setting your own business, you can count on the financial or moral suport of your family.

If you're working for someone else, you will experience ups and downs at work. All this will set the basis for the growth you will experiene in some months.


You may suffer from joint or bones issues these days. Be careful if you have a tendency to suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis. Some natives could also suffer from back pain.

Actually, there's a chance you feel mentally fatigued in front of certain situations. Stress can be very negative and prevent you from performing well in any area of your life.

You will benefit from controlling your temper and relaxing a little bit. Feeling stressed and reacting badly to situations are usually connected so try to detect when you feel stressed and do your best calm down before you explode and make things worse.

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