Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday on a universe background

You want to expand your horizons – Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, February 11, 2021

You need a broader vision of things in order to communicate better with those around you


It's a great moment to redefine your relationships with your relatives, Sagittarius. Broaden your current circle and distance yourself from the relationships that restrict you. The Sun and Mercury in your 3rd house will make you more sensitive to the needs of those around you. This means that you could end up carrying the weight of problems from other people that shouldn't really affect you.

You want to learn more and communicate with others. You will be open-minded and your ability to reason will help you understand the subtleties around you.

You may not enjoy the feeling that you're too tied to your responsibilities. You don't want to limit your movements because you're too committed to your loved ones. Find a way to broaden your horizons beyond your current circle.

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Try to find a balance between your ideas and principles regarding money and the actions you carry out in this regard.

You need to redirect the energy you use in your financial issues. This could change your ideas about spending and saving, the importance of money, and how to share it with others.

Saturn retrograde in your 9th house can also affect the travels in your life. This could also mean that you need better communication with others in order to be fully understood.


You might feel like changing your lifestyle to a more spiritual one – and consequently, becoming more hospitable. Think about the life you really want to live and where you want to go. When your ideas are clear, don't' hesitate and start walking towards your dreams.

If you don't listen to your inner voice and what your soul is asking for your life, you could end up feeling confused. This could lead you to assume even more responsibilities with your family – apart from the ones you already have.

Venus will go through your 5th house. This will become the perfect moment to be happy with your favourite hobbies and the development of your creativity.

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