The sign of Sagittarius with a purple starred background

Feel the joy of being alive – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, January 10, 2021

Your usual enthusiasm will invade all the areas in your life and will have its positive effect on your health


You are capable of seducing anybody you want today, Sagittarius. You will feel very attractive and your personal magnetism will be on fire! The Stars will favour you in this sense during the first days of January.

If you're in a stable relationshp, you will be able to go on a short trip with your partner. This will be a fantastic occasion to be optimistic together, in a good mood, and to feel the joy of being alive.

If you're single and waiting to meet the love of your life, this isn't your moment yet. You will have to wait for some more months until you find that person who could change your universe.

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You will have to be careful in the area of finances and career. You could be victim of a fraud or be scammed in a very negative way.

As for your job, you will finally see the rewards of all the effort you will make this month. You will get the recognition you deserve. More than one Sagittarius will enjoy a pay raise or a promotion!

Things will happen in a way that won't leave room for complaints. This will also be true for those natives who run their own business.


The movement of the planets will make most natives of Sagittarius go between euphoria and depression for some days. You will find it very difficult to find a balance and failing to achieve it could lead to frustration. If you don't want this situation to affect your health, you'd better just give in to your emotions instead of battling them.

Try going for a walk outdoors. This can help you calm down by oxigenating your body. Feeling quieter can help you accept your feelings.

Make sure you eat healthy and you have plenty of rest. Remember that maintaining a balance in your physical body will help your mental health too.

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