Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday 2020

Once more, people will appreciate your honesty – Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, November 1, 2020

Be loyal to your principles in both your personal and professional life and you will get excellent results


Your positive attitude will help you maintain a genuine relationship with your loved ones, Sagittarius. Your honest feelings will also give you the opportunity to meet the right life partner.

If you maintain this attitude, you will irradiate good energy. This will make you feel better and it will also attract positive people in your life.

Remember that if you don’t want certain people or relationships in your life and you’re not available for them, they won’t appear. Once you understand this, your love life will make a radical turn.

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Your honesty can make you achieve recognition at work – and also some extra responsibilities. However, these new responsibilities could get you stressed.

There are great opportunities for freelancers – your company will start advancing. Things will seem to get better as the month advances.

Your trustworthiness can help you grow a lot and your partners will give you their total support for any activity. However, you need to be prepared to negotiate again in order to complete new agreements.

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You’re physically healthy, Sagittarius. If you’re recovering from physical discomfort, things will progress positively. If it’s an emotional problem, then things could take a bit longer to heal.

In this sense, art is a very good therapeutic tool. Actually, many artists express their inner struggles in their pieces. The discipline doesn’t matter – paintings, sculptures, writings...etc.

Art has healing properties and this is something all of us can do. You can go to a museum, draw, listen to music, or learn how to craft something with your own hands. All these exercises can help you unlock and heal your emotions.

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