The Sagittarius sign with a blue background

Watch your eating habits – Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 1, 2020

You should pay particular attention to your health today and try to remain as positive as you can


Sagittarius, your love life will be wonderful today! Romance will just be present in your life even if you’ve been through some difficulties recently,

The influence of Mars in an auspicious house will add some spark to your love life. Your partner will enjoy your presents and the parties where you will go together – and December is the perfect month for such a disposition!

Single natives will probably find love in a social meeting. The circumstances might not seem the best right now but the Universe will find a way to make you coincide with someone who will find their place in your heart.

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You won’t see immediate rewards for your hard work but this shouldn’t let you down. Things will go as they have to by the last week of this month.

The natives of Sagittarius shouldn’t expect any help or support from their workmates these days. If you do, it could create more problems than solutions.

Sagittarius, the best thing you can do is going solo as long as you can. Try not to ask for advice or collaboration for the moment.


You may suffer from a chronic disease, Sagittarius. Try to make sure that your eating habits are under control because otherwise, you could suffer from stomach-related problems – and the last thing you want right now is being the victim of food poisoning!

Your mood won’t be very good today so you will have to make an effort in order to see the bright side of things – or at least try to learn from experiences!

Remember that your attitude will always be what makes a difference when you’re facing any circumstances. The things you are what define you and your quality of life!

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