Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Monday, August 1, 2022

Sagittarius, get ready for a new beginning


Sagittarius, on this first day of the month, the stars will exert a very positive influence on your sign. It'll help you avoid conflicts and unnecessary arguments.

You have all in your favour to spend a pleasant and peaceful day with your loved ones. Don't waste this opportunity.

Take advantage of this dynamic to surprise your other half. Or you could make an exciting plan with a dear friend. Get together with your circle and enjoy the energy that beginnings always bring.

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Sagittarius, the Daily Horoscope says that you'll have to make a decision. Sometimes we need to set our priorities. Choose whether you want to have more money or more time.

You can't do it all. That's why you should organise your needs and priorities and make a decision.

Establishing the pros and cons of certain contexts is often a positive exercise. In these cases, you need to listen to yourself and think about what you need most. The decisions you make now will directly affect your future.


Sagittarius, you should strive to achieve the goals you've set for yourself. A new month has started and with it, new challenges. Today could be a good day to make a list of what you'd like to achieve.

You should be realistic and set achievable objectives. Otherwise, you could become frustrated and feel bad.


Sagittarius, today is a good day to let go. Take a deep breath and release all your accumulated stress and anxiety. The stars recommend you let off some adrenaline.

To do this, you could do some exercise, or throw a good party. Get rid of all the bad vibes and start the month with the best possible sensations.