Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope: February 20th - 26th, 2023

Pisces, loving yourself doesn't make you selfish

Pisces, this week will be ideal to focus on your own well-being. Read your Weekly Horoscope now and be left with the keys you need to thrive.


Pisces, these days you'll be filled with unparalleled generosity and empathy.

If you have a partner, it would do you good to let go of grudges and give them a second chance. We all have the right to make mistakes; what's important is to learn from them.

If you're single, maybe you should go out with that old flame who's been trying to date you for so long. Even if the past has left you a little suspicious, maybe this time it'll be different. There are those who really know how to value us.

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Your Weekly Horoscope warns of the closeness of certain opportunities in the financial field. Don't rule out the possibility that this week some extra work could come your way. That extra money could be a luxury for you to reach the standard of living you've always dreamed of. However, you should keep in mind that you'll probably be forced to sacrifice much of your free time. Before making your final decision, you should seriously reflect on what interests you most. Whatever you choose, you'll come out ahead.


Astral influences will give you the energies you need to avoid frustration, Pisces. It can't be said that this week's work is going to be difficult for you. Rather, you should realize that it's only you who puts obstacles in your own way.

Don't get impatient if projects develop at a relatively slow pace. Remember that each task deserves its time; forcing the issue could only lead to catastrophic results.


If your friends leave the planning to you, organize what you really want to do. It's not worth spending your time indulging them. Sometimes you also have to indulge yourself.


Pisces, getting up a couple of hours early won't do you any harm; quite the contrary. You could take advantage of these hours of peace to meditate and connect with your inner self.