Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope: February 13th - 19th, 2023

Pisces, your peers deserve equal treatment

Pisces, the complete Weekly Horoscope has arrived to clear all your doubts. Haven't you dared to read it yet? Aren't you curious to know all the news?


Pisces, this week will be one of the most important in terms of love. Maybe you should abandon your bad attitude and replace it with good gestures.

Your partner deserves a proper Valentine's Day and you know it. Maybe you usually find it difficult to express your feelings, but you should try to do so for the sake of your relationship.

Being single won't make these days any less special for you. If you decide to reach out to your loved ones, they'll know how to shower you with the love and affection you need.

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Humility is a very valuable virtue in the world, Pisces. Just be sure to take action in a selfless way to avoid misunderstandings. If you decide to invite somebody special to lunch this week, don't tease or make fun of them once you're done.

Such details are supposed to be altruistic in nature, not the opposite. It's better to save your money and good gestures if you're going to end up throwing them in their face.


Your Weekly Horoscope advises you to be more considerate of your co-workers. Maybe within the company, you find yourself in a somewhat superior position, but they're still your comrades.

If you don't want to turn them all against you when it comes to making important decisions, you'd better keep them in mind. Interact with them as much as possible and treat them as equals. Little by little you'll win their favor.


Don't rule out the possibility of expanding your circle of friendships in 2023, Pisces. Maybe this week certain circumstances will lead you to a very interesting group. Closing yourself off to what comes your way would be a mistake.


Maybe during these days, you'll discover the deceptions of a certain somebody. Feel free to lash out at them and reproach them for their lies. However, try not to let it affect you more than necessary.