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Your Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 May, 2022

Your well-being comes first, Pisces


Pisces, your weekly horoscope recommends you give dialogue another chance. Just because you don't always understand your partner doesn't mean you have to stop trying. The solution to resolve your conflicts does not consist of giving up.

Use this week to clarify those pending conversations. Talk about your needs, limits, doubts and plans for the future.

Diplomacy should always be the first option when it comes to misunderstandings. There's definitely a way out.


The Daily Horoscope knows that you'll finally be able to relax a little when it comes to money, Pisces. This week will be completely free of setbacks and your financial stability won't be threatened. The income will be good and the expenses few. 

You know that you're never certain enough when it comes to money. However, these days will be exceptional. If circumstances finally allow it, you'll be able to focus on what you've been wanting to invest in for a long time. 

Just keep managing your economy as efficiently as you've been doing so far.


Your Horoscope predicts very favourable days for getting on well with your colleagues, Pisces. Professional skills aren't the only aspect you'll have to focus on at work.

Your relationship with those around you will have a considerable influence on your productivity. You'll feel it when working as a team and, above all, on your state of mind.

Choose to participate in collective activities every now and then. You don't have to give up your essence. Just try to connect a little bit more with those around you.


Pisces, prioritize your mental health more than anything else this week. Daily obligations may have distracted you a little from your own personal needs.

If your body needs you to switch off from work, you should probably listen to it as soon as you can. Getting too far away from yourself can lead to apathy and other mental conflicts. Never forget who you are.

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