Pisces Horoscope Weekly 2020

You'll need to rid your home of bad vibes - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 September 2020

The tense astral aspects will translate into your professional life in the guise of displeasure with a supervisor or obstacles in a personal project


Pisces who are in a relationship will have many romantic gestures towards their partner (and they’ll also receive them). Love and nostalgia will seize them when they watch the video of their wedding or old pictures of them together. During the weekend the energy of the stars will bring fluidity and communication to make important decisions together.

Those who are single will meet a very extravagant person and, if they cast prejudice aside, this new friendship will introduce them to a new circle of friends. Love will be waiting for them in this new group of friends.

If you have children, this week there’ll be more tantrums and arguments than usual over videogames. They’re not too keen on the restrictions you’ve imposed and screams and accusations will be a daily occurrence.


Those who are unemployed and have been surfing the web trying to find a job, will have the good fortune of finding the job they've been looking for.

If you’re employed, your patience with your supervisor will be pushed to the limit.  You care more about the company than your boss does, you put all of your effort and hard work into getting all your tasks done. And, in exchange, you don’t get any rewards or acknowledgement for it.

Those who have their own project will despair a little when they see how slowly their business is progressing. Don’t get frustrated, Pisces, every step you take is firmly and safely headed towards success.

You’ll prioritize your shared finances. You won’t mind putting more money if your partner, family or flatmate can't cover their side fully.

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The energy of Venus in your sky will make you seek excess, both dietary and physical and sensory pleasure ones.  We recommend you channel this excess of energy by practising contact sports such as boxing or martial arts.

You’ve probably been feeling uncomfortable at home for a few days. Someone has been sending you bad vibes. Clean your house of bad energies and buy a snake plant or Sansivieria to protect it.