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Passion is unleashed in your bedroom - Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 7 – 13 December 2020

Mars in quadrant with the triple conjunction will make you want to work alone


It will seem like every day you wake up on a different side of the bed and your partner, far from being angry, will try to understand you and help stabilize your feelings. Be considerate and thank them for their patience. As human beings we all have bad days, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The days with high levels of romance will also have a heightened sex life, as Venus in Scorpio will be very active. Although you’ll focus more on getting pleasure and you’ll leave corny words for another time.

During the weekend, both of you will feel like you’ve fallen into a boring and predictable routine. You’ll have to look for new stimuli or activities you can do together so you can rekindle the flame.

Those who are single will blow hot and cold. On the one hand, you’ll have good fortune for flings an on and off relationships, and you’ll meet someone online who will win you over. But, on the other, an ex will try to meddle in your business.

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You’ll be much better at working alone, or being in a position of power, than working as part of a team.

It will look like the universe is against you, as none of your tasks or projects will go as planned. There’ll be obstacles and delays which you’ll overcome by midweek, with original yet risky ideas.

These solutions won’t be liked by your partner or boss, but you won’t care, and you’ll execute them regardless. This will cause heated arguments and clashes.

It can't be said that you’re great at saving, Pisces, every time you come into money you end up spending it. Although you do spend it on things you think you need for the home, the fact is that you wouldn’t be able to face a large unforeseen expense.


The powerful and somewhat tense energies in your health will make this a tricky period for you. You’ll have a lot of energy, too much. And, if you don’t channel it properly, you might have violent outbursts. Impulsiveness and wanting to break the boundaries at all times will guide you, and will cause arguments and fights.

The weekend won’t be much better as the allergens in the environment might give you itchy rashes.

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